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Alcohol addiction, sober and recovery apps for iOS and Android phones

Digital Sponsor iOS App

Digital Sponsor brings a dynamic recovery program & all the tools… 

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Recovery Path App

Your sobriety journey companion. Suitable for people struggling with or… 

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Sober Grid Recovery App

Sober Grid is a free Apple iOS/Android app that connects you with other sober… 

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In The Rooms

A global online community with over 635,000 members who share their strength… 

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The DrinkCoach App

Drinkcoach was established to help people keep track of and change unhealthy… 

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Pink Cloud App

Pink Cloud is an app that will help you find over 245,000 anonymous 12 step… 

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My Life In Recovery Workbook

My Life in Recovery is a 12-session continuing care workbook that guides… 

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Breaking Free Companion

The Breaking Free companion app for iOS and Android is designed to be used… 

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Spruce App

Fancy giving your liver a rest and having three days dry? Spruce is a service… 

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Daily Bread AA Speakers App

Listen to short 5 minute “nuggets” of experience strength and hope… 

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AA Big Book App

Listen to the entire Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book as well as audiobooks, audio… 

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My Sober Life App

My Sober Life contains daily inspirational readings, a sober counter, and other… 

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