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12 step recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous resources, text, apps, audio and downloads

AA Twelve Step Audio Readings

For anyone who might find them useful, here are complete audio readings of two… 

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Online AA Meeting Directory

During this unprecedented time, many of you have made the difficult choice to… 

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AA Big Book Study Guide

The purpose of this AA Big Book study guide (free PDF download) is to enable… 

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Secular Alcoholics Anonymous

We are an international organisation that supports the Secular AA Community.… 

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Christians In Recovery

Christians in Recovery is a group of men and women who are dedicated to… 

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AA Recovery Interviews Podcast

AA Recovery Interviews explores the lives of people who have recovered from… 

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Sober Speak Podcast

This is a podcast that shares experience, strength and hope centered around the… 

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Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain

Whilst our ability to help you during the Coronavirus crisis may be restricted… 

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12 Step Toolkit App

App features AA sobriety calculator, also featuring a comprehensive inventory… 

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12 Step Programme Tools

We strive to provide information, tools and resources for working a 12 Step… 

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My Spiritual Toolkit

My Spiritual Toolkit is a simple set of tools and Android and iOS apps that… 

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Friends of Bill and Bob

This private Facebook group (of over 100,000 members) is for anyone who… 

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AA East Sussex

The local Alcoholics Anonymous branch for East Sussex. Here you will find a… 

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12 Step Philosophy

This blog is a space for sharing ideas, experiences, links to books, articles,… 

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Recovery Radio Podcast

I share my experience, strength and hope with you regarding my own recovery… 

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