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Mental health resources, CBT resources, psychology, well being apps and support groups online and offline

HealthyPlace Mental Health Support is the largest consumer mental health site on the net. We… 

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Headgear Black Dog Institute App

HeadGear is a free, easy-to-use app that guides you through a 30–day mental… 

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Recovery Secrets Podcast

Recovery Secrets offers a brand new look at the addiction problem. Dr. Adi… 

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Recovery Made Simple

Self-tracking tools that make mental health and addiction recovery simpler. A… 

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Covid-19 UK Gov. Advice on Alcohol Dependency

Official Public Health England COVID-19 information on stopping drinking for… 

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Buddhify Meditation & Mindfulness App

The Buddhify meditation and mindfulness app (for Apple iOS and Android devices)… 

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14 Day Morning Practice Challenge

In this free 14-Day Challenge from Recovery 2.0  learn how with just 16… 

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MITC Guide to Anxiety Relief & Self Isolation

Free PDF download from the Music Industry Therapists Collective. This guide is… 

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Time To Change

Time to Change is a growing social movement working to change the way we all… 

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Southdown Wellbeing Centres

Our seven Wellbeing Centres, located across East Sussex, provide a range of… 

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My Black Dog

My Black Dog is the only peer to peer online chat support in the UK. My Black… 

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We Are With You

We Are With You (formerly Addaction) provide free, confidential support to… 

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